For many cyclists, group rides are a staple – they are not only a great way to train with fellow cyclists and stay motivated but also about meeting people. However, group rides can be daunting for beginners as they do not know how to start, whom to connect with, or which cycling app to utilize.

No matter what type of group ride you seek, check out Velodash – an amazing cyclists platform that provides powerful utilities to cycling clubs and communities. The Velodash app integrates many useful features for cycling events, from planning, scheduling to real-time group tracking, boasting over 65 thousand users who have hosted more than 4,000 cycling events in many countries.


What is Velodash?

Velodash is a platform where cyclists and catered local events meet.

Designed for both individual cyclists and cycling groups, Velodash provides solutions to the pain points of cycling events, like trip planning, registration, event update, and real-time group tracking, incident report, and mission assignments, all on your phone.

Since its release in 2018, Velodash has gained popularity in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. Currently, users can download the app for free on App Store and Google Play, while event organizers have the option to activate official accounts and unlock functions like collecting payments.


Milestones in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan

Throughout the years, Velodash has achieved wide recognition and positive feedback from cycling communities and event organizers.

Some of the milestones include:

  • 06/2018: Became the official partner app of Singapore national ride.

  • 09/2018: Became the official partner of the Setouchi cycling event series in Japan.

  • 07/2019: Won the runner-up in Tourism & Tech Awards held in Taiwan.

  • 11/2019: Became official partner of Okinawa Cycling Association.

  • 11/2019: Completed the Angel round financing.

  • 01/2020: Won the Innovation Award of Israel tech accelerator Hype.

Meet the founders of Velodash

Velodash was founded by cycling enthusiasts who encounter the same problems that every cyclist faces on a group ride.

CEO Molly is a cycling lover and has rich experience cycling worldwide and organizing many cycling trips. CTO Elvis is a seasoned software architect and an avid cyclist who loves to train and push his limits. After failing to find solutions for managing group rides, the two cyclists decided to make their own.

Here’s what you can find in Velodash
Exploring cycling events around the world

Velodash’s mission is to make cycling events comprehensive and available.For many years, cycling events and group rides have multiplied. Clubs are becoming more established and diverse than they were previously. For example, cycling groups for beginners, women’s cycling groups, and bicycle clubs for seniors.

As a user of Velodash, you can easily find cycling events around you- both official and just-for-fun events, for example:

  • Taiwan: Dirty Formosa – the very first Taiwan gravel bike race that passed three suspended bridges and the route of KOM.

  • Japan: Tour de run Yanbaru 2021, and a series of events across Kyoto, Hiroshima, Okinawa.

  • Singapore: The Adventure of the TPY Gals hosted by a women’s cycling club.

  • Other than the events hosted by others, you can also get creative and build your training curriculum or a cycling tour that you want to introduce to others.


Check the video tutorial below to learn about how to join and create events on the Velodash App!

Planning your cycling trip with a powerful route builder

Were you looking to plan a cycling trip? – Velodash got your back!

Whether you’re riding solo or leading group rides, the app helps you create routes and detailed itineraries easily.

  • Drop pins to form the base of your trip.

  • Mark middle stops, rest spots, and scenic locations you want to highlight.

  • Make the trip more informative by adding tags and photos to the stops.

  • Set a date and gathering point for the journey, invite your friends to the event, or let other cyclists join.

All features are available in mobile and computer versions, which makes updating information hassle-free.

It’s a piece of cake to create your routes in a moment. Check out the tutorial video now!

Sharing real-time locations in a group ride

“What’s your ETA?”

“I think you are on the wrong route…where are you now?”

Many of us who cycle in a group may hear these questions a million times.

The problem is real – it is challenging to keep an eye on others all the time, especially at different paces, conditions, or trying to keep a safe distance from cyclists ahead of you.

Velodash is here to solve the problems. It works as a cycling tracker that creates a location-sharing room for your pack during rides, so everyone is on the same page. You no longer have to worry about finding your partners during a ride anymore.

Even your family can have peace of mind knowing your current situation. If unfortunately, an accident happens, Velodash allows cyclists to report their status to event organizers to get immediate aid.


By cyclists, for cyclists.

Last but not least, Velodash is not only a planning tool but also a social network for cyclists.

You can discover others’ creations and explore nearby events. On the other hand, you can also contribute to the cycling community by sharing your trip arrangements and great spots.

With more and more cyclists joining and sharing their knowledge, Velodash will eventually evolve into a powerful platform where cyclists and catered-local events find each other and form a friendly social network worldwide.


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