New Functions:

1. Route Level:

When you first started to ride a bicycle, do you often ride hard because you don’t know the difficulty of the route? Velodash’s routes and events are clearly marked with difficulty levels to help you choose the one that suits your abilities and physical conditions.

So, how many levels does Velodash divide the route/event into? We will explain one by one in the following paragraph:

Route Level Explanation Example
😇 Casual Little slope, short distance. Suitable for everyone. Old La Honda Road
🚴🏻 Intermediate Gentle slope, middle distance. Suitable for cyclists with a habit of exercising. Iron Mountain Road to Mt. Rushmore Memorial
🚵🏻 Challenge Steep slope, long distance. Suitable for cyclists with regular training. BREAK THE CYCLE 200: DENVER
👿 Master High-intensity. Suitable for cyclists with intensive training. Sufficient supply is recommended. KOM Challenge

*If you are browsing with your smartphone, you can swipe left to see the examples*

It doesn’t matter if you forget the criteria of each level, just click on the route level mark on the route/event page, and the explanation window will pop up. (Note: this function is currently only available in the App version.)


The explanation window will pop up if clicking on the route level mark on the page.

📍Function details

  • Introduction:
    Any route/event on Velodash is marked with a route level. Click on the route level mark, and the criteria for each level will be displayed, so that cyclists can decide whether to challenge or not based on their own abilities and physical conditions.
  • Version compatibility: Velodash App, Web
  • Notice: The explanation window of route levels is only available in the App version.


We hope this article is helpful for you to understand the features of the new function. Please feel free to contact us through the email address below if you have any questions about the App!

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