As the weather gets cooler soon, the most common problem cyclists face is: “How should I prepare myself to ride in lower temperature? ” Therefore, Velodash has collected a layering guide for cyclists. Check out the article below!

1. Layering

While riding in the cold weather, keep warm and dry by proper layering. Divide your outfit into three layers: inner, middle, and outer. Remember the tips: Inner for moisture-wicking, Middle for keeping warm, Outer for wind protection.

The most important thing for cycling in cold weather is to keep your body dry. When the body is sweating, its heat dissipation rate will be faster than when it is dry. If you wear a sweater or a down jacket, you will get sweaty soon, and it is easier to catch a cold in the wind. Therefore, wear a moisture-wicking undershirt as your inner layer.

To stay warm, wear a cycling jersey for the middle layer. Some people go for long-sleeved jerseys, but many cyclists still ride in short-sleeved ones. Therefore, the choice of the jersey is mainly based on personal preference and cold tolerance.

Last but not least, the outer layer should be a windbreaker. If you feel a bit stuffy after all the layers you already have, consider going for a larger size windbreaker or unzipping the windbreaker when you set out and put it on when you are resting or riding downhill.

Layering Tips

2. Warm Cycling Gears:

  • Cycling Scarf

In addition to wearing a cap that can cover your ears, the cycling scarf (multifunctional headscarf) is also a good choice for you! It keeps the head warm, protects the neck from the cold wind, and further enhances warmth.

  • Gloves

During the ride, the fingers usually keep the same posture for an extended period. With the biting cold wind, your fingers have nothing to fight against the temperature because they have less fat than other parts of your body. However, wearing long-finger gloves will sacrifice flexibility, so choosing not too thick ones is better.

  • Cycling Pants & Tights / Legwarmers

Many cyclists still wear shorts in the cold weather. However, be aware that direct contact with the cold air may contribute to stiff knees and joints, even if you’ve been warming up. Exposing your knees to low temperature is also a common cause of sore knees and joint conditions in the long term.Wear cycling pants/tights to keep the knees warm or cycling shorts with legwarmers.

Warm Cycling Gear

3. Cycling Tips In Cold Weather

In addition to wearing, Velodash also provides 4 cycling tips based on experiences of professional cyclists:

  • Drink Hot Water To Warm Up

Before going out for a ride, drinking a cup of hot water can help you warm up. Also, remember to stretch before cycling!

  • Windbreaker Storage Method

If you find it troublesome to carry a windbreaker with you, you can cut the water bottle and put the windbreaker in. While riding uphill, you can temporarily take off the windbreaker and put it on again when you ride uphill or at rest. A thin windbreaker can easily fit in your back pocket but not a thicker one.

  • Cycling Buddies Are Your Best Helpers

In winter, the sky is mostly dark, and the temperature fluctuation can be drastic. Pay more attention to road conditions and physical conditions during the ride. In addition to wearing bright-colored clothing to make you more easily recognized by drivers, riding with your cycling buddies can also avoid various troubles! If you can’t find anyone to ride with, try Velodash and join group rides you are interested in.

  • Don’t believe “Feeling cold? Just ride faster!”

Riding in low temperatures, many cyclists still wear short-sleeved jerseys and shorts and believe they won’t be cold as long as they ride faster. However, this will likely hurt your muscle. A proper warm-up is essential in lower temperatures. Use 50% of the normal pedaling force for 15 minutes to allow the leg muscles to adapt and increase the power steadily. Excessive pedaling can easily cause leg cramps. In addition, proper warmth and protection from the cold are the best way to ride fast and far!

Cycling Tips


These are the key points and precautions to ride in the cold weather. We hope more cyclists get a better idea of riding in cold temperatures and enjoy cycling all year round!

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