Don’t worry, let’s look it down

As a beginner, you may want to challenge yourself , and follow the predecessors to ride some routes that are not suitable for you. For example, the classic Ruli and the double-entry Wuling route are all difficult routes for non-novices. Therefore, creator inform to everyone that doing high-intense exercise will cause your body burden, such as skin trauma, heatstroke, heat injury, etc., and may even make you lose your passion for cycling. Because passion is what support you to do your best , so don’t ask yourself too much at the beginning!

What should I do if I encounter heat injury and heatstroke while cycling?

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. 」--Oprah Winfrey

The importance of passion, as a reference for everyone!

Step description

Next, we will use two simple steps to teach you how to build a correct cycling mentality, so that you can beat others at the starting point.

Step 1: Know your ability and maintain exercising

when you are free , you can start with “physical training” , such as going to the gym to do aerobic exercises, weight training, or jogging by the river. Therefore, not only you can train your cardiorespiratory capacity, muscle endurance and also increase your muscle mass.

Get things done before making it perfect

No matter what we are facing, as long as we try it first, we will get used to it gradually and increase the intensity of practice.

Step 2: View Velodash APP

After you have done the pre-training, strengthened your physical fitness and adjusted your correct mentality, the next step is to try new cycling routes. Use the Velodash app to check your suitable route. There are various detailed information on it, such as “route climb”, “distance”, “time required”, and “route difficulty level” will it let you know whether this route is suitable for you.


Choose what suits you yourself! Don’t forcing yourself

“Route Difficulty Rating” allows novice riders to more easily distinguish the difficulty of the routes.So it’s too convenient to look up other people’s opinions and on the Internet.Please see the picture below~


Final Reminder

Last but not least ,enjoying the fun of cycling is the most important! Don’t ever lose your faith of cycling, and don’t give up easily.I believe that you will make significant progress!



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