“Gravel road bikes have been very popular all over the world in recent years. Why doesn’t Taiwan, as the kingdom of bicycles have the same type of activities?” An idea from Kent Wong, the co-founder of DIRTY FORMOSA, also indirectly contributed to the birth of the Dirty Formosa event.

Now, Velodash will take you to explore the origin of the DIRTY FORMOSA Challenge and the concept of ​​holding the event.

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Since the Taiwan government opened 81 trails last year, the trend of riding trails has gradually increased, and people who like to explore the beauty of Taiwan’s nature have also gradually increased. Because of the pandemic, cycling provides a good social distance, so that cyclists who like to explore trails are also increasing.

Gravel Bike Challenge

In recent years, the gravel road bike has become popular from abroad to Taiwan. The gravel bike offers the same sense of speed and good handling as road bikes, but it is different from traditional road bikes. Ride on any terrain and explore different routes beyond the highway. In addition to the history of the “Dirty Kanza” Gravel Bike race in the United States, also many people choose Gravel Bike because it can be equipped with a lot of storage functions for Bike Packing.

The mission

To promote the beauty of Taiwan’s mountains and forests, Taiwan now also has its first gravel road bike challenge – DIRTY FORMOSA Challenge. The route starts from Qilin Elementary School in Puli, enters the beautiful riverbed scenery and rides in Wujie, then enters the notorious industrial road that requires high handling skills to conquer, and then rides to Fushoushan Farm, which is full of tea gardens. The total distance is about 103 kilometers and the total elevation gain is about 4,000 meters. It tests your handling skills, physical stamina, and endurance.


Dirty Formosa is not only a difficult challenge event but also to convey the concept of ‘NEVER STOP EXPLORING’ to all riders. After experiencing the impact of the epidemic, we are fearless and rekindle our enthusiasm for cycling. Come and join us at this event. Keep challenge yourself!

Resource: 2022 Dirty Fomosa Challenge Official Site

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